Princeton Lion's Club Performance benefits ...

"... Few members had experienced your show prior. Those who had were very vocal and encouraging that we take on this project. We now know that their thoughts were correct. here are few words that would do justice to our experience!  ..."

"... You might be interested in knowing that the show earned approximately $2,900.00 in net proceeds. As you know, these funds will go the Leader Dog for the Blind, dedicated to a specific fund appeal. ..."

Dale Dunham, Secretary, Princeton Lions Club

PDF of full letter received.


Jeremiah Graduation Day

"What a lovely enthusiastic gift you and the chorus gave to the Jeremiah graduates and all of us gathered. You all truly did make our hearts sing. Thank you!!!!!!"

Susan Sands


From our Singing Valentines Day


" I absolutely loved my singing valentine! My heart was so overwhelmed and warmed to its core. And the timing could not have been better. Karen called and said she had a couple of people who wanted to visit me. Suddenly 9 women entered my home and sang beautiful love songs. How perfect! I have never had a singing valentine before! Thank you - I felt very loved."

Joy Smith


Here's what people who have seen our shows have to say:


"I was in the audience [at Como] and OH MY GOSH!! I hated being in the audience. I wanted to be on stage with you!!!! You were fabulous. You looked like you were having such a good time. Therefore we had a good time!! Thanks for a fun afternoon. I brought my neighbor I had in St. Paul 20 plus years ago and she just loved it too!! See you in Houston. I'll be the one screaming the loudest! Hugs,"

Sharon Gardner, Tenor and part-time Dual Member

"The Sweet Adelines were a big hit. People continue to approach me with enthusiastic praise for your performance. I hope to see you all soon at an upcoming show!"

Casey Kimberly, General Mills


"The most delightful evening we've ever had ... and we've been organizing concerts for twenty-nine years."

Joyce Hoffman, The Hastings Concert Association


"Terrific performance! We received many compliments from the attendees."

Jenny LaForte, Insurance Women's Organization


"St. Luke's Lutheran Church is still talking in superlatives regarding your appearance. We loved every minute! What an energy-packed, fun musical group ... wonderful."

Dorothy Dahl, St. Luke's Lutheran Church


"A group to be seen again and again."

Ann Stewart, Inverness Village


"This was a change from the type of entertainment we have had in the past and it was unanimous that we should continue your type of entertainment in the future ... You sent us all home with a song in our hearts."

Glen Turner, Pearl Harbor Survivors Association


The Award: "World Project, International Music Festival. On behalf of the Music Festival of Sydney, a sincere thank you for your outstanding contribution to this festival, the city of Sydney, the International Music Community and to international understanding through music and cultural exchange. FIRST PLACE".


July 18, 2018

Working on Summer Repertoire Tuesday Nights 7-10 Join us!


August 5th 2018

Como Pavillion

Perform 3pm

with the
Minneapolis Commodores


December 2, 2018

Holiday Show

Perform 3pm

with the
Minneapolis Commodores

Hopkins High School

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